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What our customers are saying...

"...Thank you Bottom Line Solutions for your excellent support... You have supplied us with reliable Blackberry devices at half the cost we would pay from the wireless carriers...It is a pleasure doing business with you..."

Cindy (2010-2012)
Business Process & Document Management Company

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Mobility Expense Management

Bottom Line Solutions' MEM cloud based application, the simplest, fastest, most powerful way to manage your wireless account.

A fully automated web application that proactively reports potential cost dangers in your wireless bills, including minutes and data overages, unauthorized activity (texting, etc.,) unused lines, and a host of other powerful, time and money saving features.

Our wireless expense management software also boasts a robust reporting platform that cuts your report preparation down to just minutes.

Best of all, it includes powerful proactive customer service, which means a customer service representative will contact you when there's a potential concern with your account and prevent it from becoming a problem. That's real peace of mind. 

Money: Saved

Instead of peeling through an entire wireless bill, Bottom Line Solutions' MEM application pulls all the notable activity from your entire account and lays it out on one screen in real-time, collectively or by individual line: minutes and data usage, unauthorized purchases, over-texting, phantom (unused) lines and just about anything else that gives you headaches.

Fires: Averted

Budgets are tight. And when budgets are exceeded, trouble starts. With our powerful preemptive bill management tools, you’ll eliminate the risk of costly overage fees, identify unacceptable behavior from employees like unauthorized purchases, minutes and data usage and most importantly, where money is being wasted.

Life: Back

If you're like many of our clients then someone in your company spends a ridiculous amount of time separating and preparing wireless bill reports for each division.

With Bottom Line Solutions' MEM reporting tools, you can define your own reports, auto-generate them in minutes, export them to common formats (like Excel and PDF) for easy distribution.

So with all that time you used to spend on maddening wireless bill reports, feel free to make other plans.