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What our customers are saying...

"...Thank you Bottom Line Solutions for your excellent support... You have supplied us with reliable Blackberry devices at half the cost we would pay from the wireless carriers...It is a pleasure doing business with you..."

Cindy (2010-2012)
Business Process & Document Management Company

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Is it true that Bottom Line Solution pays for working and broken cell phones?
Yes, Bottom Line Solutions pays for EVERY device no matter what - regardless of whether or not the item(s) work.

What happens to any information stored in the cell phones, laptops, or tablets?
All data is permanently removed from all devices. Damaged cell phones are destroyed and recycled according to EPA guidelines. This process removes all information stored in the cell phones. In the event a cell phone is refurbished and resold for reuse, each phone is 'flashed', back to original software configuration. This process wipes the phone's memory clean and enables a new number to be assigned. 

Is shipping free?
Yes, shipping is always free, we provide a pre-paid shipping label.

How do I obtain a pre-paid shipping label?
Just fill out our recycling form, indicate how many labels you need, and we will email you a pre-paid label. 

Can I receive a quote before shipping my phones?
Bottom Line Solutions prefers to provide an accurate quote after we test the phones. Our competition prefers to quote online and then lower the quoted price once they receive and inspect your devices. Our quotes are above market average, and we have a 100% quote acceptance rate.

Am I spending too much on my monthly wireless bill?
On average, Bottom Line Solutions customers save $12 per line per month when using our Wireless Expense and Device Management software.

Can I receive a free trial of your Wireless Expense and Device Management software?
Yes, Bottom Line Solutions will provide you with a week long trial to see first hand how powerful this tool really is. Request yours today at

Which cell phone carriers does your Wireless Expense and Device Management software work with?
Our Wireless Expense and Device Management software pulls data from Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. T-Mobile integration is scheduled to be available at some point in the summer of 2012.

My company's employees keep losing or breaking their phones. Do you have a solution for replacement devices?
Yes, we offer replacement devices! Used and refurbished phones, air cards and data devices, at up to 50% less than carrier costs.

Does Bottom Line Solutions have wholesale accessories?
When choosing Bottom Line Solutions, you will have access to thousands of accessories at a fraction of the cost of retail.